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The latest in shared solutions for improving patient care and the provider experience.


Identifies individuals at risk for early onset familial cancers and offer personalized screening services via automated chatbot outreach
– Live at UHealth and NYU Langone
– Funded through an NIH grant

Decision Precision+

– Enables individualized shared decision making for lung cancer screening
– Live at University of Utah Health
– Finalist in HL7/AMIA FHIR Applications Showcase
– Funded through AHRQ grants

Neonatal Bilirubin App

– Supports neonatal bilirubin management to prevent neurotoxicity
– Key outcomes summarized in JAMA Open paper:
– Attending providers: “best imaginable” usability
– 3-fold reduction in provider time required
– 84% increase in odds of clinically appropriate phototherapy
– Multiple awards, including First Place in HL7/AMIA FHIR Applications Showcase

Pediatric Patient Summary

– Supports the care of children with complex healthcare needs
– Retrieves, filters, and summarizes patient information from multiple health systems and EHRs into an intelligent information display
– Funded by a HITECH grant from the CMS and Utah Medicaid
– Publication:
– Finalist in HL7/AMIA FHIR Applications Showcase

MDCalc Connect

– Enables seamless integration of medical calculations within clinical workflows
– MDCalc: leading medical calculation tool
– > 2 million monthly users from > 200 countries and territories
– 50+ specialties, 200+ conditions
– Second Place in HL7/AMIA FHIR Applications Showcase
– Available in the Epic App Orchard

Diabetes Pharmacotherapy Outcome Predictor

– Leverages Big Data analytics to support diabetes pharmacotherapy
– Collaboration with Hitachi, Ltd. Data Science team
– Prediction models developed with high performance (area under the curve 87%)
– In clinical use
– Details in Methods of Information in Medicine

Procedure Schedule Management App

– Enables efficient procedure scheduling based on available capacity
– Initial focus: electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) and other psychiatric procedures
– Support for custom capacity rules and manual over-rides

Surgical Referral Dashboard

– Enhances communication between surgeons and referring providers
– Builds on prior research on information needs and issues with traditional approach
– ONC High Impact Pilot (PIs: Brooke, Del Fiol)
– Covers PCP to surgeon and surgeon to PCP communication