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The University of Utah Department of Biomedical Informatics and its partners have over 50 years of history exploring the underlying science of designing and implementing clinical decision support solutions that provide cognitive support for clinicians at the point of care across several health delivery systems.


Despite heavy investments, electronic health records (EHRs) often frustrate users and are unable to ensure that patients receive the right care. Physicians spend much more time on the EHR than they do providing direct patient care [1][2], with thousands of clicks required to get through a clinical shift.[3]  EHR usability is often rated as being "unacceptable" by physicians,[4][5] and low EHR usability is a primary cause of physician burnout.[6][7]  Despite rapid EHR adoption catalyzed by tens of billions of dollars of government investment, EHR adoption has not led to hoped-for improvements in outpatient care quality.[8][9]

Our Approach

We are leveraging the evolution of EHRs into platforms for third-party innovations. Just as smartphones can be enhanced by various apps downloaded from app stores, EHRs can now be enhanced by various digital health innovations that can be interfaced with the EHR using interoperability frameworks such as the Health Level Seven International (HL7) FHIR, SMART, and CDS Hooks standards. We provide cognitive support to clinicians and patients by intelligently integrating relevant information, providing personalized guidance, and facilitating the completion of needed tasks such as ordering interventions and documenting the care provided. In short, we seek to make it easy for every patient to receive the right care, every time.


We apply research methods and innovative technologies to design EHR-integrated tools and information displays that enhance a user’s experience, improve patient care, and deliver personalized, value-driven, and patient-centered care for individuals and populations. 

For providers, we seek to realize a future in which:

  • It is a joy to use the EHR
  • The EHR is constantly saving you time
  • It is easy to do the right thing, every time
  • When you imagine how the EHR should work, it soon becomes how it does work

For patients, we seek to realize a future in which:

  • Your doctor is relaxed and has the time to address all your concerns
  • You always receive excellent care based on the latest medical science
  • Your medical care is individually tailored to who you are


Solution Development Team

Biomedical Informatics Leaders:

Kensaku (Ken) Kawamoto, MD, PhD, MHS, FACMI, FAMIA, Associate CMIO, Associate Professor and Vice Chair for Clinical Research, Director of ReImagine EHR
Guilherme Del Fiol, MD, PhD, FACMI, Associate Professor and Vice Chair for Research, Research Director of ReImagine EHR
Polina Kukhareva, PhD, Evaluation Director of ReImagine EHR

Core Biomedical Informatics Team Members:
Bryan Gibson, DPT, PhD, Assistant Professor
Claude Nanjo, MAAS, MPH, Senior Clinical Informaticist
Damian Borbolla, MD, MS, Assistant Professor
David Shields, Senior Clinical Informaticist
Douglas Martin, MD, Adjunct Professor
Emerson Borsato, PhD, Senior Clinical Informaticist
Phillip Warner, MS, Senior Software Engineer
Isaac Warner, Research Assistant
Leticia Stevens, Research Associate
Polina Kukhareva, PhD, MPH, Senior Clinical Informaticist
Richard Bradshaw, MS, PhD, Senior Clinical Informaticist
Salvador Rodriguez, PhD, Software Design Engineer
Ryan Cornia, Senior Software Engineer

EHR Team:
Travis Gregory, Director, Clinical, Information Systems
Carrie King, Associate Director, Clinical Systems
Dean Taylor, RN, MS, PMP, Associate Director, Clinical Systems
Bryce Covey, Applications Systems Analyst
Robert Richens, Applications Systems Analyst

Executive Sponsors

Michael B. Strong, MD, FHM, CMIO
Yves Lussier, MD, FACMI, Professor and Chair, Dept. of Biomedical Informatics
Tom Miller, MD, CMO

Contact Us

For more information about ReImagine EHR and Biomedical Informatics at the University of Utah please contact us.