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Identifies individuals at risk for early onset familial cancers and offer personalized screening services via automated chatbot outreach
– Live at UHealth and NYU Langone
– Funded through an NIH grant

Decision Precision+

– Enables individualized shared decision making for lung cancer screening
– Live at University of Utah Health
– Finalist in HL7/AMIA FHIR Applications Showcase
– Funded through AHRQ grants

Neonatal Bilirubin App

– Supports neonatal bilirubin management to prevent neurotoxicity
– Key outcomes summarized in JAMA Open paper:
– Attending providers: “best imaginable” usability
– 3-fold reduction in provider time required
– 84% increase in odds of clinically appropriate phototherapy
– Multiple awards, including First Place in HL7/AMIA FHIR Applications Showcase

Pediatric Patient Summary

– Supports the care of children with complex healthcare needs
– Retrieves, filters, and summarizes patient information from multiple health systems and EHRs into an intelligent information display
– Funded by a HITECH grant from the CMS and Utah Medicaid
– Publication:
– Finalist in HL7/AMIA FHIR Applications Showcase

MDCalc Connect

– Enables seamless integration of medical calculations within clinical workflows
– MDCalc: leading medical calculation tool
– > 2 million monthly users from > 200 countries and territories
– 50+ specialties, 200+ conditions
– Second Place in HL7/AMIA FHIR Applications Showcase
– Available in the Epic App Orchard

Diabetes Pharmacotherapy Outcome Predictor

– Leverages Big Data analytics to support diabetes pharmacotherapy
– Collaboration with Hitachi, Ltd. Data Science team
– Prediction models developed with high performance (area under the curve 87%)
– In clinical use
– Details in Methods of Information in Medicine


The ReImagine EHR initiative is supported by University of Utah Health, corporate partnerships, and >$35 million in research support from agencies including the NIH, AHRQ, PCORI, CDC, and CMS. Below are a representative sample of ReImagine EHR projects supported by research grants.

Supporting closed-loop surgical referrals with a SMART on FHIR dashboard

To implement a surgical referral SMART on FHIR dashboard that allows providers from different specialties to share a mental model of patient care and support surgical care transitions between the inpatient and outpatient settings.

Funding Source: ONC 90AX0013
Principal Investigators: Benjamin Brooke, Guilherme Del Fiol
Scalable decision support and shared decision making for lung cancer screening

To increase appropriate lung cancer computed tomography screening through the development and wide dissemination of EHR-integrated clinical decision support tools, including a SMART on FHIR shared decision making app for lung cancer screening.

Funding Source: AHRQ R18HS026198
Principal Investigators: Kensaku Kawamoto
Scalable clinical decision support for individualized cancer risk management

To develop a standards-based population health management platform, with a focus on identifying, engaging, and managing patients who meet evidence-based criteria for genetic testing of familial breast and colorectal cancer. Standards used include FHIR and CDS Hooks.

Funding Source: NCI U24CA204800
Principal Investigators: Guilherme Del Fiol, Kensaku Kawamoto
Leveraging an electronic medical record infrastructure to identify primary care patients eligible for genetic testing for hereditary cancer and evaluate novel cancer genetics service delivery models

To leverage the standards-based population health management platform described above to compare two approaches for delivering genetic counseling and testing for hereditary cancer to primary care patients: standard of care for genetic services or a self-directed approach assisted by an automated chatbot that provides education and explanation of results.

Funding Source: NCI U01CA232826
Principal Investigators: Kimberly Kaphingst, Saundra Buys
Enabling shared decision making to reduce harm from drug interactions: an end to end demonstration

To enable scalable shared decision-making dashboards that graphically communicate risks and decision options related to potential drug-drug interactions. Standards used include SMART on FHIR, CDS Hooks, and the Clinical Quality Language.

Funding Source: AHRQ U18HS027099
Principal Investigators: Daniel Malone
Community-academic partnership to address COVID-19 among Utah community health centers

To use multi-level CDS interventions (standardized symptom screening in the EHR, text messaging outreach to patients, and patient navigation) to increase the uptake of COVID-19 testing and immunization among underserved populations in community health centers throughout Utah.

Funding Source: NCATS 3UL1TR002538-03S4
Principal Investigators: Rachel Hess, David Wetter, Guilherme Del Fiol
Clinical health information exchange-based shared-care collaborative patient summary

To design, develop and implement a SMART on FHIR patient summary dashboard that integrates information from across healthcare systems through a statewide health information exchange to support the care of children with special healthcare needs.

Funding Source: CMS/Utah Department of Health (HITECH IAPD 182700537)
Principal Investigators: Chuck Norlin, Guilherme Del Fiol
Clinical decision support system to optimize disease management

To develop a standards-based, EHR-integrated diabetes management dashboard with predictive analytics about best treatment options and likely outcomes; and to conduct a clinical trial to evaluate the system’s impact. Standards used include SMART on FHIR and CDS Hooks.

Funding Source: Hitachi
Principal Investigators: Kensaku Kawamoto, Charlene Weir


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