We lead the nation in developing and implementing standards to integrate smart algorithms and interfaces into vendor EHRs.

Neonatal Bilirubin App

  • GOAL: improve neonatal bilirubin management and prevent neurotoxicity
  • Physician champions: 
             Carole Stipelman, MD, MPH
              Julie Shakib, DO, MPH
  • Iteratively enhanced based on user requests
  • Estimated to save >300 hrs of MD time/yr
  • Awarded HHS Provider User Experience App Challenge Awards (link)

Procedure Schedule Management App

  • GOAL: enable efficient procedure scheduling based on available capacity
  • Physician champion:
              Howard Weeks, MD
  • Initial focus: electroconvulsive therapy (ECT)
  • Support for custom capacity rules and manual over-rides

Surgical Referral Dashboard

  • GOAL: enhance communication between surgeons and referring providers
  • Physician champion:
              Ben Brooke, MD, PhD
  • Builds on prior research on information needs and issues with traditional approach
  • ONC High Impact Pilot (PIs: Brooke, Del Fiol)
  • Covers PCP to surgeon and surgeon to PCP communication

Opiod Decision Support


  • GOAL: provide point-of-care decision support for opioid use and pain management
  • Physician champions:
              Jill Sindt, MD
              David Anisman, MD
              Scott Junkins, MD
  • Collaboration with UUMG Analytics team
  • CDC support
  • External partners: Yale, Houston Methodist

Diabetes Rx Decision Support



  • GOAL: leverage Big Data analytics to support diabetes pharmacotherapy
  • Clinician champions:

              Michael Flynn, MD
              Farrant Sakaguchi, MD
              Kyle Turner, PharmD

  • Collaboration with Hitachi, Ltd. Data Science team
  • Prediction models developed with high performance (area under the curve 87%)
  • Initial development complete; preparing for implementation and evaluation

ICU Dashboard


  • GOAL: provide an integrated view of patient state for situational awareness and decision making
  • Physician champion:
              Mike Strong, MD + many others
  • Synergy with ongoing, multi-institutional research efforts
  • Starting with shock sub-system

MDCalc EHR Integration

  • GOAL: enable seamless integration of medical calculations within clinical workflows
  • Physician champions: Mike Strong, MD + many others
  • MDCalc: leading medical calculation tool
         – > 1 million monthly users from 196 countries
         – 35+ specialties, 200+ conditions