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GARDE is an application based on the Scalable Population CDS project that evaluates EHR family history records to identify patients who meet National Comprehensive Cancer Network guideline criteria for genetic testing. Patients who meet criteria are added to a population health management registry where genetic counseling and primary care physicians manage each case by reaching out to patients by phone or automated chatbot technology.

System Architecture


Step 1 - Retrieve the screening population by importing data from a patient data provider, typically an import of query results from an EDW.
Step 2 – Extract the screening population’s patient facts required by the CDS algorithm and convert to FHIR artifacts when not otherwise available as FHIR.
Step 3 - Build CDS requests using results from steps 1 and 2 and use OpenCDS to execute CDS evaluations for the population to identify the cohort for PHM.
Step 4 – Export the identified cohort to the PHM system.

Clinicians use the PHM tools to manage patients.